Little Bear Teddy


A book series that all

children can relate to.

Little Bear Teddy's main goal is to focus on core values that can translate into every day life. His four core values include:

Hard work, Resiliency, Determination and Perseverance.­


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Big Dream Come True

Core Value: Hard work

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Big Change

Core Value: Resiliency

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Erika Cardona grew up in Miami, FL with a love for reading and writing-poetry to be exact. With a degree in Early Childhood Education, she teaches children that reading is fundamental-that's a sure fact. Erika decided to write these stories based on her best friend, Teddy. Throughout the years, he has taught her how to persevere and remain calm and steady.


To My Supporters,

I would like to thank you. This process has been extremely gratifying. Each word and illustration was created with love and care. I hope that each of you will enjoy this series as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

-Erika Cardona

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